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prjct omni is an art consultancy that provides a personalized, engaging, and seamless process around the acquisition of contemporary artwork for residential and corporate clients around the world.

photography by  Aj Ragasa .

photography by Aj Ragasa.

Since Chris Sims started as an art dealer in 2015, Sims blends his gallery knowledge, sales background, personal taste and clear intuition towards some of the latest rising stars in the contemporary art scene. While working outside the constraints of a typical space of his own, galleries welcome Chris’ idea’s towards creating new opportunities in this evolving art-consumer environment we now have today.

“I aim to create new and effortless pathways to purchasing art; to have an open and inspiring line of communication that guides collectors and businesses towards discovering what they are truly looking for when it comes to art.”

Chris Sims sources art from artists and galleries, based in Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver, Singapore, Paris, Berlin, London, Sydney, Seoul, and beyond.

Services Provided

  • Art program development

  • Interpret and reinforce design concepts through artwork selection

  • Framing and matting selection and design

  • Artwork placement specifications

  • Construct and provide appealing presentations of artwork suggestions to clients

  • project management

  • Maintain project deadlines, and adhere to budget established by client

  • Format production forms once orders are received

  • Coordinate artwork installations

  • Maintain client relationships