determining value

why do people buy art?

  • The story / history / education
  • How it makes them feel. Good / Bad
  • Investment reasons
  • Status
  • supporting a respected artists
  • Interested in exploring creative side

my goal is to create a system that can solely be based around how we “service” art as a tool, not just a simple beautiful object that eventually disappears in the home. we have to determine what we want out of art before we talk about price.

  • We have to imagine ourselves with it.
  • Imagine what our friends or family would think. ( Do you care what anyone thinks? )
  • These artist dedicate their lives to there work. is this a valuable investment.   

What drives me to sell art? 

I’m determined to sell my clients a lifetime of value:

  • I don’t sell whats comfortable.
  • I'm selling what I believe to be challenging.
  • something that shifts your prospective through the exploration of beauty and what you think beauty actually means, what you think of yourself, and others around you. 

i believe the act of conceptualizing is what shapes your authentic creative side.

my selections are based around influencing and bringing creative energy in a home. something that constantly grabs someone’s attention and demands dialog.

There is something else just as beautiful as hard work. It’s the ability to invest in the driving forces of creativity. it is a noble act in society we seem to have forgotten about.  

Christopher Sims